Get your seeds NOW!!!

Check out this link to a story run by ABC News regarding the upcoming gardening season.

The high points of the article, in no particular order, are:

1. Last season was a bad one for seed farmers – expect shortages
2. Europe had a really bad year for seed farmers, and are raiding American seed stores (as in stockpiles) – expect shortages
3. The economy is bad everywhere, so more people than ever growing a garden – expect shortages
4. People fear seed shortages because of all of the above and are buying earlier – expect shortages
5. Seed farmers can make more money growing corn for ethanol – expect shortages

Are you getting the idea? Go TODAY! Buy enough seeds for you, your family and your friends, especially if you want to make friends. You know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Nothing says “I Care” like a packet of vegetable seeds.

Now the rules for buying seeds, in no particular order.

2. Most seeds will remain viable for two seasons, if properly stored. Use what you need for this growing season and vacuum seal the rest, as insurance against not being able to get more seeds NEXT year.
3. Buy a good variety of seeds for all types of veggies. There is an amazing array of possibilities out there just waiting for you. Example – tomatoes. Big ones, little ones, red, orange, stripped, black, and purple ones. Ones that go on salad and ones that go in spaghetti. Ones even that are spotted. And don’t get me started on high acid and low acid varieties. You get the idea.
4. Always, always, always SAVE SEEDS from year to year. If you are using open pollinated seeds (as opposed to hybrid varieties) then you can save the seeds and they will come back “true.”

And now a word about hybrids. What this means is WYPIWUG, “what you plant is what you get.” Hybrids are just that, a cross between two (or more) varieties, each having a particularly desirable trait that the hybridizer wants to incorporate into the new variety. By way of example, you could have a variety of tomatoes that produces very large tomatoes, but not very many. The other variety produces lots of tomatoes, just not very large. The tech thinks he can “improve” nature and cross pollinates the two to get a variety that produces (in theory) lots of big tomatoes. The problem is, other than it doesn’t work that way, if you save seeds from the hybrid, you will not GWYP. The seeds will “revert” back to which ever variety had the strongest genetic expression. So you think you will get lots of big tomatoes but what you will really get is either lots of small tomatoes or a few big ones. Not to mention the hybrid doesn’t generally take up as many minerals out of the soil as a “natural” variety, which kind of defeats the purpose of growing your own food.

So, again, go out and buy the seeds you need—or THINK you will need—this weekend. Sunday afternoon would be a PERFECT time to go, as most sheeple will be partying while watching the Superbowl. Remember ONE of my mottos. “Your lack of planning does NOT constitute an emergency on my part. These are MY seeds!”
Follow these simple guidelines and you, too, can be “a man out standing in his field.” Or a woman, but I get distracted when I see a woman out standing in her field. I forget about the field and instead concentrate on the woman. 

Please comment if you like this stuff. I feel like a voice, crying in the wilderness. No, that was someone else’s tag line. What about “a man shouting, while out standing in his field?” Yeah, that works.

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  1. Pat Says:

    I suggest


    After all everyone likes to get something for free and it wili be theirs to take.

    Enjoyed the blog!

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