I Need Your Help to Title this Blog – Survey Says…

I need to update the title and heading of my blog.

The idea is to make the blog’s title:
1. Unique
2. Compelling
3. Mast head sub-title) needs to contain an implied offer or benefit
4. Must be in agreement with the basic philosophy of the blog

That philosophy is that good food with superior nutrient content and great taste can be grown by everyone if they have the knowledge and willingness to try. I want to share the knowledge and experience I have gained over 40 years of gardening so as to improve the gardening and eating experience of those that follow my blog. The industrial food system is killing Western civilization and must be changed if we are to survive. There IS a BETTER way. A method that is sustainable, recycles nutrients back to the soil and improves the environment without disrupting our way of life. Home gardening puts you in charge of your food.

With that in mind, these are some of the titles/headings I’ve come up with. Please feel free to add your own contributions in the comment section. To vote on a suggestion simply copy and paste your suggestion into the comment section.
Thanks in advance for your help and interest.

Michael LaBelle
“A man out standing in his field”

Michael LaBelle’s Gardenius Maximus
Good Food – Close By

Other titles:
Michael LaBelle’s Primal Garden
Eat What Your Ancestors Ate

Michael LaBelle’s Sustainable Kitchen Gardens
Permanent Food – Close By

Michael LaBelle’s Gardenius Maximus
Good Food – Close By

Michael LaBelle’s Gardenius Maximus
An Orgy of Flavor Right At Home

Other sub-titles:

Take charge of your food – improve your life
For the love of life and health
Sow the Seeds of Great Health
Grow Your Health
Sustainable Gardening – Can you dig it?
Great Food For a Great Life
Food – It’s all about the taste
Good Taste = Good Nutrition
Tomatoes don’t have to taste like cardboard
Back to the farm – Back to nature
Stop digging your grave with a knife and fork
No dig gardening
Gardening with minimal work
Gardening with minimal digging
Maximum Garden – Minimum Work
No Sweat Gardening
A Home for your garden – a Garden for your home
How food used to taste


2 Responses to “I Need Your Help to Title this Blog – Survey Says…”

  1. wonz Says:

    GYO – Grow Your Own

  2. Gail Says:

    “Tomatoes Don’t Have to Taste Like Cardboard”
    I also like the GYO-Grow Your Own.
    Great articles–I’m sharing this with lots of gardeners and would-be-gardeners I know. Thanks.

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