About this site:

My name is Michael LaBelle and I am an avid gardener. I also manage an organic fertilizer manufacturing facility in Fruitdale, Alabama. I have pioneered a proprietary procedure that converts stinky, volatile raw chicken manure into a stable, low odor, nutrient dense organic fertilizer.

While I was reared on the family farm, it was only through diligent study that I came to fully understand gardening. And I’m not a “true” organic gardener, because there are soil amendments (fertilizers), minerals and other inputs that are NOT classified as “organic” that “do no harm to the soil”, which is my basis for anything I use on my garden.

This blog is about my quest to complete my understanding of what it takes to grow the most nutrient dense, healthy food possible with NO pesticides and MINIMAL chemical fertilizers.

I can be reached via email at michael@plusminerals.com

I look forward to your comments, questions, and suggestions for future articles and blogs.


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